Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Digital Future of Narcotics

Interesting article on the future of drugs from

Language, Society and The Law

Great new by Tim Grant from Aston University's Centre for Forensic Linguistics.

Language, Society and the Law is a collection of links to stuff related to Forensic Linguistics, one of the most interesting applications of linguistic study in my opinion.

Emag A-Level English Language Conference

Looks like another great line-up for the second A-Level English Language conference for students organised by Dan Clayton and Barbara Bleiman at E-Magazine, being held in London in March 2012.

Check out the link below:

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Stuff I've read on the net recently

Here's a cool link from Warren Ellis whose blog I thoroughly recommend and who has just signed a book deal for his new work called GUN MACHINE. It's a short essay on the difference between writing crime and writing science fiction.

I also started volume two of Planetary by Warren Ellis yesterday which is shaping up quite nicely.

And I've promised myself that I'll start reading Never Let Me Go by Katsuo Ishiguro seeing as Remains of the Day was so good.  I didn't see the film but it certainly renewed my interest in reading the book which is what film adaptations are often good at doing, especially ones with as excellent a cast as Never Let Me Go.


Hello.  First posts are always a little bit awkward so I thought I'd outline who I am and why I decided to create this blog.  I'm assuming that you've either stumbled across this by complete accident or that you're following me on Twitter for some bizarre reason and decided to check this out.  Basically I'm interested in being a writer for comics, film, TV, prose fiction or plays and getting paid for it.  At the moment I have a day job and I'm doing a post-grad degree part-time so I don't have a lot of time for writing but I'm trying to redress that balance.  
This blog is here for me to link to stuff (and other people's stuff) that I'm interested in and let people know what I'm up to. 
Thanks for checking it out and hopefully you'll stick with me on my journey to live the dream as a professional writer.